Effective and participatory meetings

One of the main challenges of “AstraZeneca” was to motivate its teams to participate in the frequent internal meetings, and for this motivation to extrapolate to the way in which they communicated with the doctors.

After a period of adaptation and training, the company has its own virtual world “Campus AZ” and uses it as a powerful communication tool to make every meeting/event a much more DYNAMIC experience.

The coordinators of each team arrange the virtual meetings and invite the rest of the attendees, who can attend from any point. They can use both PowerPoint presentations and sharing their desktop in real time. Each participant is represented by a 3D avatar and goes to the rooms, classrooms or auditoriums according to their levels of permission, being able to speak and gesture in a very similar way to reality.

In this way, “AstraZeneca” is achieving its main objective to motivate employees to get involved in online meetings and convey closeness to customers.

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