Develop soft skills online

Something that the virtual world allows, above any other online technology, is to connect computers in the most realistic way possible. It is very easy to organize groups of people in the same room, talk, and perform teamwork in a cooperative or competitive way. The limit lies in the creativity of the trainer.

“Gas Natural” performs skills training with its team. An expert coach acts as coordinator and directs the session. The participants perform tasks individually as well as part of a team.

Tasks could be “soft” such as public speaking or role-play exercises, or even more creative like working as a team to build an abstract representation of the workplace, while applying methodologies such as “Lego Serious Play”, thanks to the building environment provided by the blocks.

At the end of the exercises, all members of the team must share their vision of the exercise, what they have learned and how they can improve personally and as a team.

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