Crowded Events

EXPOELEARNING Virtual was a great international event which, for two weeks, offered a conference program in which different presentations and visions of e-learning and HR were presented.

In the virtual fairgrounds, stands were set up so that companies could make product presentations and demonstrations, and a Networking Zone where visitors could exchange contacts and look for lines of collaboration.

The conferences took place in different virtual auditoriums, in which attendees participated in the same way as in a real-world event. The speakers were able to show the present and future of the training: fusion between knowledge management and e-learning, simulations, virtual reality, and new support options: e-book, iPad, PDAs and mobiles.

AEFOL organized 21 e-learning fairs: 14 in Spain and 7 in Latin America, and with these virtual fairs want to continue to innovate, offering its customers the best possible service.

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