Virtway's technology is a real disruption in the world of online training. The degree of collaboration and interaction provided by this technology cannot be compared to any other online platform. It's the closest thing to a live team training.

The dynamics that are created between the participants generate a great motivation, they have fun and this reinforces the learning.

The ability to integrate third-party collaborative applications makes it possible for us to use it as the center of our employees' training and communication

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The multinational IT company Everis signs an agreement with Virtway to sell its products

On November 21st 2017, Everis has signed a distribution contract for Virtway products. Their interest is based on offering the services provided by Virway, through their company-focused Virtway Meetings brand. The sale will take place in a collaborative format where the client will know that they are purchasing a license to use Virtway Meetings and Everis will offer high value-added services in consulting, training, skills development, event organization, etc.

Everis has an extensive customer network between large companies and governments. The collaboration can be very fruitful, allowing Everis to offer high value-added services, while Virtway increases its customer base and, therefore, the sale of monthly licenses.

Develop and motivate your team

Develop soft skills online

The best tool in the market to develop your team’s "soft" skills.

You will connect your online personnel in a unique way and enjoy while they develop their collaboration, negotiation, planning and leadership skills.

Do you need external coaches?

We provide you with professionals certified in our methodology.

Fun training

With our tool, you will find that your team will want to participate in training.

You can use your latest content, and only with a change of focus, turn them in to a really fun and interactive training session for them.

Effective and participatory meetings

Online meetings with more than 10 people are our specialty.

They won’t be able to share a coffee but they will feel together thanks to the phenomenon of “presence”.

It is the end of meetings where someone talks and the others read their e-mails or consult by mobile.

If someone isn’t attentive, everyone will know.

Have you ever tried to organize an online event for over 100 people?

In our virtual world you can create an event similar to reality: multiple simultaneous conferences, debating areas, rooms for presenting products…all for a fraction of a costs for doing it face-to-face.

Crowded Events

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